Moth to a Flame

Moth to a Flame
Watercolor on Hot press paper, 2020

It has been a long 2 days for this painting. I thought I could finish this painting all in one night, as I usually do for each #Junebugillustration but she was different. This lady had me paint her for two days and it was worth it.

The painting is called Moth to a Flame, a painting about passion and love. My subject is a beautiful indian bride with a candle on top of her head symbolizing love and passion. She is a very pure and innocent bride, while the moths atop her head dancing around the flame actually represents a more dangerous, obsessive kind of love. As you see, moths will go nearer and closer to the flame even when they are hurt, or dying just to get to it. This is an insight to a hidden passion within a bride’s heart.

Aside from that, I contrasted colors for this painting. I wanted to see the yellows and red pop. So I did a pure black background. The idea came from Reniel, an artist friend of mine. It worked. I am grateful. I wanted the focus to be on the girl, her brightness and the details on her jewels really pop with the black circle.

Things I learned with this painting

  • Never rush your art, give time for details and be more patient.
  • My biggest take away is : SLOW DOWN!
  • Conceptualizing and Planning colors and lighting was really helpful.
  • Push for details. Never Half ass anything. I regret not putting details on the Jewels and the sari. It could have made things better. Perhaps in a bigger version, I will.
  • Let watercolor do its job, learn how to layer effectively.

Below is a youtube video for the process.

I enjoyed painting this since this is my love letter to the INDIAN COMMUNITY who really appreciate my art and has shown support and love to my art lately. THANK YOU ALL!


#June Bug Illustrations: Week 1

I just started a new challenge for myself. It is studying bugs. Yes, creepy crawlies. No, they are not yucky. They are actually very pretty and challenging. Bugs have very distinct color patterns, complicated anatomy and beautiful wings with different textures and transparencies. My goal for this study is to at least learn how to draw and paint them, and create a style of my own in drawing them.

I also started adding Historical clothing as a secondary prompt to the bugs, matching them with each to create a new illustration. It has been a challenge daily to think about what to create and what clothing I should match with each individual insect.

I started with dragonflies which was Wondering, and some friends suggested that I do a series of these images. I continued on to Flutter, which is about Butterflies and a sleeping kid, moved on to Buzz, where I started to incorporate the Historical clothing theme with Victorian inspired clothing for the Bee Illustration. I then did, Lady Bugs in Victorian style, Mantis in Bloom which is in Hanbok (Korean), Alitaptap / Firefly – Filipino Dress, Desert Queen which is Egyptian, Finally, Wasp and the Samurai which is Japanese

The whole challenge seems to evolve day to day, as I challenge myself more with it. I hope I can finish this challenge. I sometimes do LIVES on my facebook page where you can watch me paint and talk to me while i do so. Here is one of the timelapses of the painting I have done which is the WASP and the Samurai


Watercolor Studies: Ghibli and Final Fantasy

My Collection of Watercolor
My Collection of Watercolor

Early this year, I got into watercolor. I don’t know what possessed me actually. It might be the fact that I was obsessed with Sakuem’s mixed media art, and I wanted to emulate it using the stuff that I have. It might have also been the fact that I have been watching Ghibli. Miyazaki’s creators use watercolor to express their art and I was obsessed with the soft look it has. OR it might be that copic refills were getting rare and expensive and it was hard to get them. OR All of the above.

So I ventured into watercolor once again. I used to dislike getting out my gear to paint. It was bothersome to clean up too, but I discovered a love for it after I challenged myself to  create my fantasy worlds.

The former posts had lumen in it. It was one of my earliest watercolor creations this year. I’ll be dumping here some of my watercolor work and what I learned from each one. I hope you enjoy.

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Cloud Diety
Cloud Diety/ Kumo-sama

This is a marker challenge I did for myself and its still so messy. I am trying to learn how to be patient and color with markers and last night this piece frustrated me. I had to do him over about 10 times because i couldnt get the eyes and everything else right but I wanted to finish him so I did so in a rush. Bad idea.

Tonight, I want to do better with markers. and use techniques I have learned from friends.  But, i guess it’s a learning experience.

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