Q is for Quarantine

Scrolling down my timeline on a mundane Friday night, I found a post that jolted me awake and excited me so much that I reached out to this friend who I have not talked to for more than 10 years to congratulate her on the release of her children’s book, Q is for Quarantine. EJ Nitura, the writer and I are both from the same school in Grade School and High School. We became friends in freshman year of High School because of a band that we were forming and our common love of writing. We both dreamed of being published one day.

So, imagine my surprise and joy when she announced this on Facebook. Not only did she publish, but she was part of the team that created a book that was relevant and meaningful in our present time. Q is for Quarantine is a book that was born out of a need to explain to a little child, Milo what the current situation is all about. The mom, Gita Luz, who spearheaded this operation, wanted a book that would make kids understand our current situation to children. She is a mom of the inspiration for the book, Milo.

The inspiration for the book, cute little Milo

That is when the story took flight. A core team of artists and writers took to the project and worked on it for 2-3 months of production. Such production speed also shows the necessity and the passion that the team had for this book to be able to reach kids age 3-8 and explain to them why suddenly the world changed and why they have to wear masks and social distance. This is a good and fun way to be able to reach those little curious minds and give them the information they need in a way that they could understand.

Creation in progress:
Gita Luz, EJ Nitura, Michelle,Pascual Czari Dy, and Arbee Bagabaldo in a SOCIALLY DISTANT MEETING about the book showing that we can create in all kinds of situations

The illustrations were done by many illustrators from around the globe which gave the book a unique flair. The books characters include all kinds of kids and colorful illustrations that spell inclusiveness and universality. It not only explains the situation but also gives the children lessons about diversity in both race and gender and tells them that we are all in this together.

The Q team creating while in Quarantine is DEFINITELY POSSIBLE

The book was completely done through many zoom meetings and it proves that we can get together to create and things are possible to happen even in difficult situations like the global pandemic. This truly is one of the most encouraging things I have ever seen come out of this time.

Gavin, EJ’s Daughter reading the book

CONGRATULATIONS to THE Q is for Quarantine team! So proud of you, EJ!!
Check them out and you can buy the book HERE

2020 Update

It is June 1st. The first day of the 2nd half of 2020 and I feel like I have been living in a bubble. Honestly, I have not seen the outside world for more than three months. My world has definitely become smaller, everything has turned upside down and this pandemic has changed the world.

But I am not here to talk about politics, the pandemic or what is going on around the world. (You can see enough of that everywhere else) I am talking about what has been going on since I last posted in this blog. I guess, I turned more to physical journaling rather than posting my thoughts online, but I know I need to somehow get back to this online world thing.

This change in the world is not all that bad. There are a lot of things that I accomplished whilst I am stuck in my bubble.

  • I have completed Two Sketchbooks I started in 2019. One of them I have completed a sketchbook tour for.
  • I have completed the Udraw #50juiceheads challenge and improved my portraiture skills. You can check the challenge out at the drawjuice.com website or the Facebook group.
  • I have been featured on Sketchbook Revival‘s newsletter which I posted below .
  • I also have started new Illustrations and paintings in a new style I am proud of.
  • I also am releasing more videos and blogs.

So, things are definitely looking up in 2020, even though I am living in a bubble. I have a lot of plans this 2020 including a series of paintings, some light novel releases and a lot of studies and illustration.

So please keep creating, stay safe and sane! ❤

Webtoon Up! Hachi’s Field Journal for Aliens

Hi Guys! My webtoon that I have been working on.  The comic is about Hachi, a student of Hanamori University who is a self confessed Alien. He shares his thoughts about the world around him and his really unique world view.

Hachi has been in my head for 6 years. I guess its time to get him out there. I hope for your continued support ❤ Check him out at TAPAS! Click his banner above to get to him or click here .

we will also attempt to update it in WEBTOONS etc. Check here for more updates!! Thank you!  his adventure will start in JANUARY 2019!

Shouting to the Void

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I have had bad days as an artist. I just had the worst.  It happens quite often. There are days  when you feel you aren7t good enough. When you feel that your pieces aren’t seen or heard- when you feel invisible. When you just keep shouting to the void and you feel no one responds. 

It hurts. It really does. And it feels lonely. I think a lot of us artists know and understand that.  We put a lot of thought, effort and heart into our pieces and it gets ignored. Or even when seen, people do not take the effort to acknowledge it. That too hurts.  People who are lurkers think that its ok to appreciate art, but not tell the artist. But that too hurts them. The feeling of not being appreciated or acknowledge can kill any creative spirit and discourage anyone who wants to create.

Audiences, Markets and Niches are important to an artist. I myself is still looking for that Niche. A lot of artists join bandwagons and fandoms to get known, some just create things that are lewd or inappropriate. Some people do satire. Some people wow us with skill.  Friends have advised me to do commercial art but and maybe I am just being stubborn but I can’t seem to get into any fandoms  lately. I did for a while. I was also ignored. I can’t seem to be satisfied with drawing something that someone else created. Maybe as a tribute if I really like it, but I have my own world and ideas.

So for me, the struggle is real. I who draw what I feel and love and who draw not to please a market, struggle to get pieces noticed. And sometimes no matter how good you think the piece is, it is never good enough. Most of the time I am discouraged and want to quit. But then I remember that I am nothing without my Art.

Swimming against the current is really hard. But since this is my passion, this is my life, I have to persevere. I cant draw anything I don’t like so I guess i am left shouting to the void.

Atelier Diaries 002: First Plate done and Problem Solving

42917024_10161205104745085_45367086712619008_nThis plate took 6 hours of my life. I am both glad and kind of want to go back and fix some things but it is finished. I should be happy and move on to the next plate. I worked on this plate for 2 sessions in the atelier. Way too long for one plate . But that was just it, I was learning how to slow down. I wanted to make sure that I was doing it all right. That was why I was in the Atelier.

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Case of the Broken Copic

Copic Markers are the pinnacle of markers for serious Manga Artists and the like and for me who is an avid fan, I get my markers online from my favorite suppliers Artmedia Trading , Great Toys online and Artillery. Today’s adventure is with the great people of Artillery.

So, I preordered some copics way back Late February from their site.  I got about 6 markers, 2 refills and packs of my favorite paper and pad and was excited when they came in the mail today. They have updated me that it was shipped the night before and I was giddy when it came early morning.  I checked everything and was shocked that one of the copics had a cracked barrell and the whole thing came out when I pulled off the cover!


I have never seen the inside of the copic before so I was shocked to see it. I was upset at first, but figured it was in the shipping, but i remembered that they had everything in neat little boxes and bubble wrap. So I contacted them and immediately, Tray of Artillery replied that this was the first time it happened to them too. They promised to replace the copic or give me an additional sketch marker as well.

WHEW! That eased my worry and Well with a little bit of electric tape, I also can work with my R59 Marker.

Thanks Artillery for the fast and great service.

If you want to order from them go to their fb page : https://www.facebook.com/artilleryphil